About Marcia

Marcia AlmeidaWeddings: what wonderful and unique moments in our lives! To be able to help a couple have their dream ceremony is such a joy that it is hard to explain unless you experience it for yourself. I truly love to celebrate weddings and to learn about different rituals and customs. That is why I became a Certified Master Celebrant, specializing in Weddings through the Celebrant Foundation & Institute. My studies and training in the field have given me the necessary knowledge and tools to help any couple create the Wedding Ceremony they have always dreamed to have.
As a Latina, I have the utmost respect for other cultures and values. My family and I have been living in Northern New Jersey for over 45 years, and each day I am amazed by the many different cultures this area enjoys. Fortunately, there is no longer one kind of “typical family” -- each union brings their family’s cultural background and the different faith or value system which they will share as a couple to the table, and together we craft a ceremony that reflects every aspect about themselves the couple wants to express.
To be able to officiate in Spanish and English brings me much joy. I call it the "language of the heart" recently I was honored to be able to co-officiate a bilingual English/Spanish Wedding Ceremony. It was such an amazing moment to look at the joy of the Spanish-speaking members of the family, who were able to understand and “get” the feeling of the ceremony.  Not only was the ceremony but it also was an interfaith (of two different spiritual traditions) ceremony. We were able to respectfully include symbolic acts from both faiths and traditions, so that both families were happy, and both sets of grandparents “from each side of the aisle” felt that their beliefs and traditions had been thoughtfully included and respected.  Moments like these -- when one is able to help make a ceremony perfect for a couple -- are absolutely priceless.
To speak modestly about myself for a moment, I have a great sense of humor! This quality helps me to bring joy to each ceremony that I officiate. Did I mention that I love weddings and it would be an honor to be part of your special day? It would be an honor to talk with you about your wedding ideas and to create a ceremony that is “you” and reflects who you are as a couple.       

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