WeddingsMany people today feel that they would like a non-traditional wedding ceremony, one that expresses who they are as individuals and as a couple. Some couples seek a non-traditional wedding ceremony because they are interfaith or of different cultures, and they would like a wedding that incorporates aspects of each person's religion or culture. In many cases, a person’s spirituality might not be aligned to any one particular faith or church, yet, because the spiritual dimension of life is important to that person or that couple, they seek a wedding ceremony that is spiritually meaningful and significant to them. As a certified, NJ Wedding Celebrant and Ordained Non-Denominational, Interfaith Minister, I will work with you to create the ceremony you envision.

There are few moments in life that are as special, treasured, and remembered as your wedding day. This is the day on which you, as a couple, announce to the world that a new, unified life has begun for you. It is your right to make this “announcement to the world” in the way that feels right to you. As a trained celebrant, I will first help you clarify and express what is truly essential to you as a couple. Next, I will work with you to go about designing the ceremony that is right for you, and incorporating any particular rituals, songs, family customs, or passage readings that would like in your wedding ceremony. The point is that it is your ceremony, and as such, you as a couple will have total veto power over the ceremony script. It is my goal and my honor to help you make everything just the way you want it!

If you are getting married in the Northern New Jersey area and would like to know more about creating your own wedding ceremony, then please do not hesitate to contact me and set up a no-obligation personal consultation. I am bilingual, so can offer you a Spanish language or Spanish/English ceremony. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the process of making your wedding dreams come true.